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4 Amazing Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient health practice that has been used for thousands of years to ease pain and cure a variety of health conditions. Although reflexology is a professional alternative therapy that is used by many doctors, the fact is that anyone can learn to do reflexology on their own. It does not take formal certification as a reflexologist to reap the benefits of powerful reflexology techniques. Here is some great information on a few benefits of reflexology.

Stress is what is behind the majority of diseases that occur and reflexology can significantly reduce it. Not only are reflexology treatments relaxing, but they work to balance hormones and rid the body of toxins. Since it is these hormones and toxins that are responsible for stress reactions on the systems of the body, reflexology is one of the best techniques to overcome stress to be found. Reflexology is the natural way to free yourself from the stress trap.

Many people are concerned about their weight and some of them are surprised to find that reflexology is one of the techniques that can assist them in weight loss. Sure, exercise classes and nutrition training works, but studies have shown that reflexology can assist in many areas that are the sources of fat retention. Reflexology cleanses the body, putting everything back in balance, but toxins in the system can negatively affect the body’s ability to flush out fat and water weight. Giving a message of the pressure points that are responsible for these toxins, as is done in reflexology, is what can make all the difference in weight loss efforts.

There are many causes for pain, but it is the nervous system that is responsible for a person feeling it. Reflexology can work to reduce and even completely erase pain. Many women use reflexology during labor as a holistic way to reduce pain so that they can have natural child birth. Reflexology has been proven to give significant help to those who suffer from pain chronically. The next time you are suffering from a headache, try reflexology techniques and the pain will melt away.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death and has been so for a long time, but reflexology can greatly improve heart health. Reflexology stimulates the circulation and gets the blood flowing as it should be. Those looking to improve their cardiovascular health will reap many rewards through the use of reflexology.

Performing self-reflexology is a very simple technique, but you may want to get a reflexology chart to help you out. Many reflexology charts can be downloaded for free and they show all the points on the foot that are associated with specific areas of the body. Reflexology simply requires you to massage and apply pressure to these points.

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